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Issue: TB – 2016-11-42

Date: 20-12-2016



Dear Peter



Potential Customer Complaints due to Smart Alternators


Manufacturers have been made aware of a potential issue with cars fitted with start / stop technology, smart alternators or regenerative braking systems.

The alternator is switched off periodically during a journey to ensure that the battery is not receiving a charge from both the alternator and the regenerative braking system. When the alternator is in the “off” state then the feed to the refrigerator falls, which can lead to the refrigerator within the caravan being switched off. The refrigerator may not be turned back on when the alternator is reactivated. This can also be the case when the start / stop technology is activated as when the engine is stopped it will turn of the alternator.

There have been reported instances of customers stating that the 12V system to the caravan from the car is not working as the fridge is not staying cold during travelling. This could be caused by the effect stated above.

One solution when a car if fitted with the start / stop technology is to temporally turn off the start / stop technology, if this feature to turn this technology off is fitted to the car.




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