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Please remember your service agent should also be approved by the Manufacturer of your product and have the facilities to undertake defects on behalf of the Manufacturer thereby not leaving you having paid for a service with a list of warranty defects they are unable to process and complete for you. As an approved repairer for you product we are always aware of the latest recalls and approved repair methods and therefore look for possible issues other may not be aware of.

Many people think of Caravan servicing to be only required by Manufacturers for warranty terms and conditions. We also get asked prior to the van being booked in ‘what do you do’ there cant be much to do.

You will also see a great variation in prices for your service. What you will also find unfortunately there is a great deal off difference in what you receive for your money when you have had your service.

It is essential to service your van for reasons of road safety through to appliance safety, gas and electrical installations. It is preventative maintenance the same as your motor vehicle only with more to do. Apart from the inconvenience of turning up on site to find your gas doesn’t work or your water pump has failed, your battery is flat and not charging, have a look at some of the images of damage caused by tyre failure.

This not only causes massive damage but some instances can result in much worse than just metal damage.

Our engineers are given and take approximately four hours to service a single axle caravan thoroughly and list any defects other than minor adjustments or re-fixings which are done as part of the service and included in price.




Booking in

Customers are given the price of the service and this is the price of the service, no hidden extras added on when you collect. Hub nuts are replaced in every service so the customer is always told prior to the service the cost involved in replacements

Any defect advised to us by the customer not covered by warranty will be checked and the Customer advised of the cost of the repair together with any other defects found during the service. Additional costs must be authorised by the customer prior to rectification.

The Service

Your caravan will have a thorough service and Inspection as required by both Manufacturer and Approved workshop scheme. Every caravan has an external wash on completion of the service again at no extra charge. You will have been advised of any defects prior to collection and any parts which had agreed for change will be available for Inspection. The engineer will take you to your van and explain the service and defect sheet and point out the work rectified and any outstanding defects and the options open to the Customer.

Your Paperwork

On collection you will be given the following paperwork

Ncc Service report listing the work done, we will also note tyre dates , size and depths

Defect report listing all faults found, outstanding and rectified

Battery test print out with battery condition report and charge condition

Gas test and appliance list showing tests and results

Stamped service book and Manufacturer Service update if appropriate

Wheel nut check list with torque settings

Hitching Up

Our engineer will assist with the hitching of our caravan and recheck your wheel nuts in front of you before you leave.

You will leave with your Caravan knowing the van has had a thorough Service and Inspection. Your documents are what you are entitled to and have paid for.

Remember this if you have had previous experience with service centres and left with no documents and wondering what you have paid for.

We have imaged the documents you will receive on collection of your van