Solar panels harness energy from the sun, allowing you to use it to power your fridge, lights, laptop etc while on your caravanning/motorhome holiday. Solar power is a renewable energy source so it’s great for the environment as well as your pocket, and convenient too with no need to hook up to power sources on site.

How will these work in the UK? Well it’s surprising how little sunshine is actually required to convert into power which can then be stored and made easily accessible.

Professional installation ensures correct sealing and wiring methods – workshop fitted by our own trained Engineers.

You can save money on add-ons to complement your solar kit such as a Remote Meter, not only does this give you valuable data about the overall performance of your solar panel it also gives you info on your battery state of charge and makes setting up your system easier.

Things to consider

Solar panels can be wired to include starter battery charge on a motorhome at a small additional labour charge and change of regulator.

Please check roof area for available space to accommodate specified panel. Alternative panel size dimensions and wattage are available.

Twin controller wired to both starter battery and leisure battery for motorhomes at additional cost.

If you require further details about any of these items or would like further details about the products that we offer, please contact us for details.

Please note these kits are also available to purchase and fit yourself.

For more details on our range solar panels for caravans or motorhomes please contact us.

Sunshine Solar Power Kit

100W Solar Power Caravan & Motorhome Kit offering outstanding performance and great value for money. With this 100 Watt solar power kit you could expect to generate around 28 amps per day during the summer months supplementing the 12V leisure battery power in caravans or motorhomes.

Kit Price: £239.00 plus vat

Fitting price (subject to survey): £180.00 plus VAT, includes fusing and adhesive

Sunshine 100w solar panel kit

Truma Solar Panels

We can provide a 100w or 150w full panel kit, fully fitted to your motorhome or caravan leisure battery.

100 Watt kit price: £595.00 plus Vat.

150 Watt kit price: £825.00 plus Vat

Truma solar panel kit


If you have any questions or you would like further details then please don’t hesitate to contact us.