Caravan Repairs

Automaster are authorised for servicing and repairs for all the Manufacturers listed in our Logo section.

All repairs are carried out by our qualified and experienced technicians, we do not sublet any part of the repair to third parties. We therefore retain control over quality of the complete repair.

Caravan appliances

We are fully authorised for all appliance Manufacturers found throughout you Caravan ensuring defects can be repaired by us and therefore ensuring you are not left with the problem of finding and authorised service centre for the defective product after paying for servicing.

For a full list of our accreditation’s check our Manufacturers tab.


As an Al-ko Premier service centre we are the only approved centre in Wales to supply and fit the Al-Ko Atc system. As fully trained engineers for this system we are able to diagnose and rectify any faults which may occur. In addition as qualified Auto-Electricians and tow bar Installers we are able to diagnose faults which may be a result of your tow bar electrics.

This sytem is part of your service and should be tested and adjusted as required.

Electrical Systems

The Caravan has two electrical systems:

  • 12 Volt Extra Low Voltage
  • 240 Volt Extra Low Voltage

Our Engineers are qualified to test and repair the electrical systems on the Caravan. Our parts department stock repair parts for these systems including chargers and consumer units, fuse boxes, heating elements and lots more.

As a Dometic Area controller and fitment centre we carry large stocks of Fridge repair parts, air conditioning and generator parts.

Tow Bar wiring on your car can cause many problems which appear to be a fault of the Caravan i.e. incorrectly wired or inadequately wired causing fridge faults through voltage drop (the tow bar fitter blaming the Caravan and the Caravan repairer blaming the Tow Bar). We can test both systems and identify the fault.

We also have the latest diagnostic equipment for the Truma and Al-KO units.