Automaster is an authorised Alde service centre


Alde full central heating systems are ever more popular in the some of the latest high spec caravans and motorhomes and again we are an authorised service centre for their product. If you would like some advice on control panel operation or think an additional radiator might be useful then call us for some free friendly advice.


What type of fluid is the heating system filled with?

A 50:50 mix of ethylene glycol antifreeze and water.

Ethylene glycol (aka mono ethylene glycol, MEG, and ethanediol) antifreeze is also used in engine radiators, and is commonly available from service stations, car accessory shops and online retailers, concentrated or ready to use.

Do not mix antifreeze containing silicates with antifreeze containing non-silicated OAT.

Water should be clean and fresh. (Antifreeze containing phosphates should only be mixed with distilled water.)

>Alde UK recommend G12++ Spec antifreeze

What general maintenance and consumables are there?

The vendor should provide a maintenance schedule, though the following can be assumed:

The ethylene glycol antifreeze is a consumable and will need replacing before its protection expires. Most UK OEMs use silicate-containing antifreeze with 2-year protection from new.

Seasonally inspect the boiler’s flue hoses. Check that the hoses are still secured and undamaged, and that they’re clear and free of obstruction. Contact your vendor if the hose is damaged.

When in constant use, completely drain and refill the fresh water system once a month.

Safety and emissions tests should be carried out in accordance with local regulations.

Automaster have stock of the required antifreeze in convenient litre bottles for Customers to top the system up if required. Antifreeze content of the system can be checked by us and this check is always carried out as part of our annual servicing. The system should be a mixture of 50% water and 50% antifreeze. The system should always be topped up with the same strength mixture to avoid diluting the content of the antifreeze.

It is recommended the antifreeze be changed after two years and Automaster has the Alde recommended pumps required to ensure the system is fully drained and replenished correctly.

We carry stock of various parts for Alde heating systems including hoses, if you need replacement parts please call us we will be glad to help

We remind Customers that gas items should only be replaced by gas qualified persons and the appropriate safety checks carried out